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Was ich bei Under the Dome because I still have hope, but damn that blatant in your face Microsoft product placement drives me nuts.
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Adrian A. Perez:
Am really enjoying Stephen King's Under the Dome but I wonder how much did Toyota and Microsoft for product placement?
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Rosyna Keller:
@film_girl I haven't watched it yet, but is it *really* bad product placement like Microsoft's in Under the Dome?
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Claire | Izzy af:
product placement #UnderTheDome
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Danny Peele:
One of the fun things I'll miss about #UnderTheDome is the Shakespearean comic relief product placement: the Prius, Win 2n1's, a drone...
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Rose Nayla D.:
Ich vermisse in dieser Staffel von #UnderTheDome das Windows product placement...
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Manuel Hahn:
Gerade gesehen, dass es heute mit #UnderTheDome weiter geht. Endlich kommt das ganze #Windows10 product placement
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LOL, Damn, Under the Dome had the cheesiest product placement ever.
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Zak Eff:
Another thing about Under the Dome: the product placement is awful and disruptive.
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@colinfordactor #UnderTheDomeSeason3 @UnderTheDomeCBS 20 mins & not much happening. Cool product placement with the car tho. :/
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James/Jim Anthony:
Addicted to @UnderTheDomeCBS. Holy shit it's good (bar the clanging Windows product placement). Binge watching it quicker than Breaking Bad
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Was ich bei Under the Dome because I still have hope, but damn that blatant in your face Microsoft product placement drives me nuts.
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Erin Alexa:
Nice Toyota product placement, #UnderTheDome
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Dominic Trombino:
So, the #BBTakeover is just going to be a bunch of CHS product placement? How long until they put them all #UnderTheDome. #BB17
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Mark Smitka:
Bad product placement #ads by @Toyota in #UnderTheDome. Every time I hear "The #Prius is charged", I'm glad I don't have one.
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Stephan ten Kate :
‘Under the dome’ aan het kijken: wat een product placement van Microsoft zeg!
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Stephan ten Kate :
Ziek ‘Under the dome’ aan het kijken: wat een product placement van Microsoft zeg!
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Mike Zur:
Some of the product placement in Under the Dome is so forced it's funny
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Javier Manzanera:
El product placement de Surface en Under the dome es tontísimo, posicionámdose como "la tablet de los pueblerinos".
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exemplo de como product placement pode ser ruim: tablets windows 8 e windows phone em todo lugar na série under the dome, só eles funcionam
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Raúl Bernés:
Alguien hace product placement en #UnderTheDome #windowsphone
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Dopo aver sopportato tonnellate di dialoghi inutili e product placement della Microsoft, #UnderTheDome finisce così?
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Lauren Harrington:
Nice bit of product placement in #UnderTheDome again
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Babyblu Possum ©:
Ile product placement Windows 8.1 imefanya kwa Under the Dome sn 2 imeshinda Ata hii ya Guarana na monologues
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Craig Hogan:
Hats off to Microsoft marketing team for the Windows device product placement for series one of #UnderTheDome
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Okay this microsoft product placement in Under The Dome is starting to get pretty ridiculous
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Troyer Begleiter:
Schauen eigentlich genug Leute Under the dome, damit sich dieses #Microsoft Product-Placement-Feuerwerk für #Surface und #Lumia lohnt?
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There's so much product placement on Under the Dome it's ridic.
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Pierre Fontenelle:
@ArmedPropaganda under the dome is full of windows product placement too. funny tho, i can't recall seeing anyone w/ a windows phone IRL
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Sehr unauffälliges Product Placement #UnderTheDome
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Pascal Simon:
Das beste an Under The Dome ist das Product Placement. Wir schließen während der Folgen Wetten ab, wer im Abspann als Sponsor steht.
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Under the Dome is so batshit crazy, full of nonsense continuity, bad acting, awful dialogue and awful product placement.
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/bird /brain /geek:
The #UnderTheDomeSeasonFinale was a Battle of the #Tablets - Surface product placement vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S during commercial break!
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Kristijan Sašilo:
Under the Dome = religijski fanatizam + product placement + još religijskog fanatizma + još Windows Phonea i Surfacea...
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Dess :
#UnderTheDome s2e3. Windows Product placement. @cinemasins
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Ayran Man:
Microsoft product placement bei “Under the Dome”? Merkt man fast gar nicht. #underthedome
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Catching up with Under the Dome. The product placement in this show is the least subtle I have ever seen.
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@UnderTheDomeCBS cheesy and terrible product placement but the best! #feelingtense #fallingstars
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X Jammer:
Tonight's @UnderTheDomeCBS episode lacked a certain "nuance" of product placement for the @Toyota #Prius ... #MakeItStop
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Chelsea Wicks:
Catching up on @UnderTheDomeCBS and I really can't handle the not so subtle product placement for the Microsoft Surface and Prius.
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The best product placement I've set my eyes on. #ElectricCar #BlackIce @UnderTheDomeCBS
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Paul Entin:
Prius product placement in Under the Dome done very amateurishly, too overt #advertising
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Product Placement at it's best mal wieder. Wie schon in der 1. Staffel. ^^ #UnderTheDome #Microsoft #Surface
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Soviel Microsoft Surface Product Placement. Wahrlich die Hölle auf Erden #UnderTheDome
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Man hätte das Product-Placement von Microsoft auch n BISSCHEN unauffälliger machen können... °-° #UnderTheDome
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Glorious Razerlikes:
Das product placement ist echt... Wow. Da wird 1 Minute dem Microsoft Surface gewidmet. #UndertheDome
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Endlich ein Microsoft Product Placement! #underthedome
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Dat Product-Placement von Microsoft. #UnderTheDome
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Paul Robbins:
I love the product placement #UnderTheDome Toyota Prius plug in hybrid shows disconnect, cables in trunk and a focus on the Toyota symbol
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Wow that @Toyota product placement in #UnderTheDome was sooooo subtle.
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