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Miles CeeLo:
uh. i think this episode of frasier is 20 minutes of product placement for antiques roadshow
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John Baker:
I forgot about the Bill Gates guest spot/Windows XP product placement episode of Frasier. 2001 was really something.
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Taco Time:
.@NBC We're still upset you never let us use Mexi-Fries for product placement on "Frasier".
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Travis Denn:
Watching Frasier again on Netflix and realized if it was produced today the product placement of Starbucks would be insane. @Aliena85
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Never noticed it before but Frasier has some of the most brazen product placement I've ever seen.
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Watching Frasier. Why is there always somebody on a laptop in Café Nervosa? Oh yeah, product placement.
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