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Tor Thorsen:
Hilarious and appropriate that the only product placement in DEADWOOD is for Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey.
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indiscriminate product placement? lazy prop master? you be the judge. #deadwood #bulleit
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Manny O War:
I'm watching Deadwood for the first time and late in the second season is a Bulliett Bourbon product placement. Ruined m' show.
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Dan Engler:
Seeing the occasional bottle of Bulleit appear in the background on DEADWOOD is the first time product placement has ever worked on me.
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Eric Burke:
As they say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story->Of Origin Stories & Product Placement—Bourbon Empire
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Nice product placement, @BulleitUSA. #deadwood
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Not a lot of options for product placement in a TV show set 140 yrs ago, but I spotted Bulleit Bourbon in Deadwood.
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@ChuckWendig try Basil Haydens. Not only tasty, but did brilliantly accurate product placement in Deadwood
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