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Connie Nolan:
#MrsBrownsBoys My goodness what a lot of product placement in the background!
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Barbara Edwards:
Plenty of product placement on #MrsBrownsBoys
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Is Mrs Browns Boys sponsored by a canned laughter firm. Its product placement surely as its got nothing to do with the show.
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Shiv K:
the amount of product placement - Barrys Tea, Brennan's Bread, Kimberley & Mikado Biscuits on #MrsBrownsBoys
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Kelly George:
@Jacqueline_Gold @Vanessa_Gold exciting to see product placement of the glitterati on Mrs Browns Boys this evening!!!!! Merry Christmas
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Scenes from Australi:
Product placement. Just voted and now off to work. #needmycolezero #wishihadasmoke #mrsbrownsboys #cokezero ...
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Donncha O'Connell:
Nice product placement on Mrs Brown's Boys - Brennan's Bread and Chocolate Kimberlys. Hungry now...
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Cheeky product placement on Mrs Brown's boys #media ha!
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Absolutely brilliant! Great dig at BBC on product placement “@MrsBrownsBoys: New episode on tonight for Irish tv rte one 9:10”
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No product placement on the BBC, but Brennan's Bread and Lyon's Tea is allowed #nta #ntas #utv #itv #MrsBrownsBoys
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Just flicked on Mrs Brown's Boys. Has anyone noticed what appears to be really blatant product placement?
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The product placement on Mrs browns Xmas special is lethal Jacobs biscuits odlums flour Johnson's Mooney O'Brien bread ... shite it worked
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@SohoGuy Help me here pls. Watching Mrs Browns Boys & i have seen a Caffrey's Irish Ale can in full view. Product placement on the BBC? :/
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HAHAHA good product placement as mrs brown would say after hittin up the spice bowl
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@calvinharris If you watch "Mrs Browns Boys" on BBC1, it's full of product placement! (well, the one I was forced to watch last week was).
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Watching Mrs Browns Boys again. Love the product placement with the Caffreys
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