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Sinka Sylanisa:
wow Sunrise, can you be more obvious with all the product placement LOL #GundamBuildFighters
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SHSL Sexter LossFor:
did Sunrise actually get paid for the product placement in Tiger & Bunny? Is that why it seems pretty well animated so consistently?
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Ross Leonardy:
I wonder if they did actually get paid for product placement? Sunrise is a pretty good studio but T&B has *really* consistent animation
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Alicia Sanzi:
product placement #sunrise#dunkindonuts #Narragansett @riprobs
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Russell Johnson:
Sunrise sure love them some product placement.
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urgh at the #milo product placement on @sunriseon7 truly cringe worthy...
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Love the iPad product placement on Sunrise @HawaiiNewsNow
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