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my favorite part of rewatching #heroes is the shameless product placement of and hiro's obsession with the nissan versa.
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Reed Phillips:
What about product placement? For a brief time I really wanted a blue Nissan Versa because of @heroes lol
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.@thedavidcook @Royals @Ford I can't even imagine a better joint product placement! #allAmerican #heroes
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@Cadillac @heroes @ceciliasrose product placement af
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Billy Morris:
Because of its product placement on season 2 of Heroes I can never take the Nissan Rogue seriously. "The Rogue!!" -the Cheerleader
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Thomas Perkins:
@Cadillac @heroes The product placement was so well done I didn't notice it.
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Alex Fangirls:
I forgot about their super obvious product placement in this show #Heroes ... It's almost #Warehouse13 again:p
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Savage PCPB:
"Ram salutes the heroes of the Hunger Games." Over 4 movies you never figured out how to do product placement with this movie, huh?
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@heroes Chill with the ham-fisted product placement. Ruined the first run. #rememberguitarhero
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Sam Hiller:
wouldn't be heroes without ridiculous product placement, like the episode about claire's nissan rogue TM and hiro's nissan versa
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Nancy Tyree:
Oh Heroes, same stilted product placement, different product (Cadillac instead of...Nissan? if memory serves).
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Lexer Grandi:
Not gonna lie, I want a Nissan Versa now, just because of Hiro and Ando. Damn you product placement, you've succeeded! #BingeWatchingHeroes
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Griffin Leeds:
I'll only watch the new @heroes if it has the same tactless product placement we came to love in the original series. Thoughts, @NissanUSA ?
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TVBinges Live:
RT @LilithHellfire: best product placement ever, the guy just eating oatmeal cream pies. #HeroesBinge
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Lilith Hellfire:
best product placement ever, the guy just eating oatmeal cream pies. #HeroesBinge
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Chancellor Agard:
Shoutout to those Nissan Rogue commercials/product placement circa 2007/HEROES season 2 for making me want a Nissan Rogue.
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John Talia :
Heroes is the definition of Nissan and Sprint product placement
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Jason Chen:
What's it say that I remember absolutely nothing about the Heroes ep w/ the egregious Nissan Rogue product placement other than the car.
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Erin Ryan:
I forgot how blatant the product placement was in this season of Heroes. "Nissan Versa!"
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Christopher Shontz:
I hope that the product placement in Heroes: Reborn is as good as it was in the original Heroes.
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Just Jim ⛺️:
Remember the blatant Nissan Versa product placement in Heroes? Rewatching and it's still just horrible in your face.
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Steve 'Cubey' Cavers:
The obvious Nissan product placement in Heroes is annoying. Every time they say Nissan or zoom in on the logo, it spoils the immersion.
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John Tabin:
@kerning Hey, the heavy-handed product placement in season 1 of Heroes established that a Nissan Versa might as well be made of gold
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Remember all the really obvious product placement for Nissan in Heroes? That was weird
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Adam T:
"No service here. Should've gone with Sprint." - blatant product placement in Heroes
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Morgan Spurlock:
RT @TEDRadioHour: Horse shampoo, “Heroes”, deodorant -- @MorganSpurlock covers it all
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TED Radio Hour:
Horse shampoo, “Heroes”, deodorant -- @MorganSpurlock covers it all
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Overlord Rikonius:
@TrillF1 finally gave in to that Heroes product placement, eh?
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colleen jane:
hiro saying nissan versa over and over again is the best product placement ever #heroes #itisourdestiny
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Tevin Shouse:
Heroes Sprint product placement makes me laugh.#TooMuch #SoObvious
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Fred Smith:
Every time I see a Nissan Rogue or a commercial for one, I think about the heavy product placement for it in S2 of "Heroes".
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The sheer amount of product placement in Heroes Season 4 is hilarious omfg
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Jack Brewster:
@PolygonSandwich It also kills me that there is an entire wiki page just about Heroes product placement. We’ll make great pets.
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The Nissan product placement in the first season of Heroes is painful.
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Franklin Brown:
@Dmy53 Product placement is nothing new in commercial television. Heroes practically had an entire episode about the Nissan Versa.
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Angela Rivera:
Watching #Heroes makes me want a @NissanVersa. Effective product placement! #marketing #tvshows
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Justin SW.:
The Nissan Versa in Heroes is possibly the most amusing bit of product placement I've ever seen. #HEROES
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Camille Howard:
The award for the most adorable Product Placement goes to Hiro in Heroes.
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Candice D.:
I've been playing the Product placement game since Heroes
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The sprint product placement in heroes series 4 is horrible
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@MikeRUnderwood That car will always remind me of the ham-handed product placement in Heroes Season 2: "Dad! They stole the Nissan Rogue!"
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Nothing says product placement like an episode of Heroes.
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I don't think any show has ever had or will ever have as much product placement as Heroes
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Oh much product much.
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@loulzb @TVandShit Oh Heroes, that first great season followed by increasingly dumb and awful decisions and product placement. #RIPHeroes
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Product placement in Hero's is just terrible
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@ismh Save the cheerleader, save the world. Sorry, when I read Versa, I think of all the product placement in Heroes Season 1.
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Best moment of Heroes: the product placement of the Nissan Rogue when Claire gets a car. "The ROGUE?????"
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Product placement in TV episodes works. Every time I see a Nissan Versa I think of "Heroes" & Snapple makes me think Liz Lemon
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Nice, Absolut. haven't been swayed like this since product placement in Heroes #littledragon #absolut #successfulads
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