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Obvious product placement in form of a copy of Time magazine on caravan table on #Panorama? First time I've noticed since new BBC guidelines
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David Inostroza:
Talk about product placement #Corona sponsor my photography... @ Platinum Banquet Hall - Panorama…
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@TheRealBerghaus product placement at it again with @BBCPanorama .Special relationship ? They've got @BBCNews Outside broadcasting sewn up
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Ian Dunn:
How about using A&E for advertisement purposes - product placement - and funds could be rolled back into healthcare ? #panorama
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Francis Jenkins :
@paullewismoney @BBCPanorama If Tesco are charging their suppliers for product placement then so must the other major stores!
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Dave Cruise:
is this product placement of @Tesco on #panorama
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Christian Knott:
#TESCO #panorama Tesco charges suppliers £50k a week for end of aisle product placement!
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Clodagh Rice:
@BBCPanorama says @Tesco can charge suppliers up to £50k/week for end of aisle product placement #panorama
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Heather Angus-Lee:
@PanoramaERP Good analogy, but is that product placement I see (re: Nabisco) in the first paragraph? :) #ERP for #publicsector
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Paul Rogers:
Unsubtle product placement by sponsored experts who don't disclose interests at 'GP education days' - ho, hum.. ('Panorama', BBC1).
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The BBC must be really enjoying the relaxed product placement broadcasting rules. #panorama (and all supermarkets are scum)
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Watching Panorama and I'm convinced the presenter and BBC are being paid to plug Volvo cars. Definite Product placement. 3 new models.
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