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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

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Thomas Sutherlin:
Anyone noticed all the product placement? I see you marketing majors! #VSFashionShow
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Kyler Bondura:
I hate the VS fashion shows that go on, yeah it's a product placement, but the whole idea "this looks best in this body"
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Marlena Love:
Odd to keep seeing the ad for the #VSFashionShow every time the camera pans out on the #MacysParade - interesting product placement
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Burger King commercials in between the #VSFashionShow is just bad product placement.
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@LilBitSassy They should be flogged for this Victoria's Secret "fake storyline for product placement." The fashion show is on CBS tomorrow.
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Wise product placement. “@EmL1020: @LilyAldridge rehearsing for NFL Today #vsfashionshow @victoriassecret
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ok. This Victoria Secret fashion shoot episode has T to be their BALLSIEST product placement shot to date! @PLenkov
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RT @jennpozner: .@MHarrisPerry Victoria Secret fashion show? An advertiser's wet dream. Literally. Hour long product placement #realitybitesback
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@keepTWfree How does an hour-long product placement ad for Victoria's Secret count as a legit prime time tv special? <-if men are watching?
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