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Kevin Taylor:
@stevesi here is link to Steel Market Development Institute, they got The Chew to do product placement
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The NorthWest Gay:
The chew is just an excuse for more product placement. Like it's just a talk show and commercial at the same time.
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Jen Greco:
Pampers pays for in show product placement on The Chew, first ad in commercial pod, Huggies. Oh advertising
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Guess That Mess is a horrific product placement fake contest. Please never do that again! @thechew @Mariobatali @clinton_kelly
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What is this terrible show on ABC called "The Chew"???? A parade of product placement and unfunny segments.
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Glad to see awkward product placement is alive an well #thechew #abc
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Is anyone watching this ridiculous product placement piece on The Chew? This is worse than what Guiding Light used to do...
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Oh Lawdy @ABC has gone all healthy + gamifying lifestyles via #TheChew and #TheRevolution keep that product placement going folks:)
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