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i love hbo's 24/7, but they've got to abjure the relentless product placement. #cottomartinez
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Greg Donaldson:
Some serious #TimHortons product placement on the 24/7 Leafs/Wings ep 1. Whether intentional or not Timmy's is quintessential Cdn hockey.
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Adam Bajan:
Gee, wonder how much Tim Horton's paid for the product placement in 24/7. #advertising #loveit
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Joel Forman:
So much product placement and advertising in 24/7
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Metal Lungies:
So much free Tim Hortons product placement on this 24/7. Also, so much good music placement on this 24/7.
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@Cats_Tix_Greg what a product placement #24/7sales
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Just saw the last episode of 24/7. Nice product placement at the end. Your team, maybe?
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