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Jeremy Brown-Branch:
Product placement she was using an HTC. #TheBridgeFX
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Sassy Peppy Talks!:
@TheBridgeFX was the hybrid a product placement? I noticed Sonya's shampoo bottle brand turned away on her bathtub. #PillowBiters4PolarBears
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Marc Ramirez:
Halfway thru first episode of #TheBridge Season 2. One @DULCE_VIDA  product placement was OK, second is too much. One more and I'm done
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Maurice A. Simmons:
Well placed Kitchen Appliance product placement. #TheBridgeFX
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I love The Bridge but the Apple product placement has got to be deliberate.
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Bart Goossens:
Bijna hadden we onze eigen Saga uit The Bridge mét karakterauto:Clara #DeRidder met Saab cabrio. Toen was er product placement, BMW...
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Impressive Acer product placement on The Bridge but I'm not touching one of their laptops again until they sort out their adapter issue.
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@indiaknight: I think it's called product placement #thebridge
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