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Bose product placement in #hardknocks was epic
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Jennae Moran:
Product placement on Hard Knocks?
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Hard Knocks and the Texans didnt show NO LOVE on product placement,,, lol i think i seen a coke can
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Lamborghini :
@HBO wtf is with all the product placement?Madden was all over Hardknocks.Fuck off. Just make good tv again. Every show has a product. Cunts
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Spider 2 Y Banana:
Cool madden product placement on Hard Knocks
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Love the @OnnitAcademy shirt plug via Cushing in #HardKnocks .. product placement for better living!
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Keith Martin:
Love Hard Knocks, but the JJ Watt Gatorade infomercial in the season opener was ridiculous product placement.
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If the Bengals gave out Surfaces on HBO's Hard Knocks instead of iPads, you'd know it was a gratuitous product placement. #badsign
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Brandon Lesley:
RT @bpetray: Panini product placement. #HardKnocks #RatedRookie
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Bryan Petray:
Panini product placement. #HardKnocks #RatedRookie
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Nice product placement in Hard Knocks, Red Man chewing tobacco.
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@TheeRealMarkP @MGRADS & rocked it on Hard Knocks in Coach Philbin's ofc when he got cut. Product Placement #FTW
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@BVNP LOL!!!!! Talk about product placement. Maybe he'll wear it on HardKnocks.
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@OmarKelly I saw Fasano tweet about team being hooked up with Beats by Dre. Product placement for Hard Knocks?
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Exciting opp that just came in: TV product placement on @HBO show 'Hard Knocks' with the @MiamiDolphins and @Lucky7Clothing!
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