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Fucking product placement! #TheChase
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Courtney C. McGarry:
@rabbitroasting @HomesteadMiami Wise product placement! We will put all of the products to good use during the long nights of #TheChase.
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Jill Dellow:
The product placement 'questions' on #TheChase are shameful....
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TC Armstrong:
Nobody Does... Product Placement Like #NASCAR #TheChase
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Product Placement is seldom this much fun. #Heineken #TheChase #007 via @YouTube
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Stuart Millward:
Bradley Walsh on The Chase needs to cut down on the fake tan unless he's doing sneaky product placement advertising for Cuprinol creosote.
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All of the questions on The Chase involve some form of product placement. I wonder how much money they make from it.
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John Doe:
Bradley Walsh's shirts are tantamount to product placement. #thechase #boiledsweets
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Product placement for cat food hits ITV's The Chase #thechase @ThePoke
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Watching #thechase and just discovered what the P means on the screen at the start of some programmes...product placement apparently
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