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Natasha Neagle:
I enjoy watching @AnimalPlanet #Tanked, but the @DairyQueen product placement is getting ridiculous. #STOP
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The product placement in this season of #Tanked has gotten ridiculous. Looks like the show has jumped the shark tank.
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Chuck Dims:
The @DairyQueen product placement on @AnimalPlanet's Tanked is godawful.
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Stitch Kingdom:
The product placement parts of #tanked make even the more credible parts of the show seem less credible.
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Linda Miller:
Despite Tanked's lame jokes and obvious product placement I still enjoy it #
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N. E. Neagle:
Watching #Tanked and the product placement with FedEx SUCKS. Bad form Animal Planet. American Pickers did the same w/Subway. NOT OKAY
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RT @BeautyNLaughter: Lol hometown business #FedEx got a good product placement on #Tanked lol
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Worst, most obvious, product placement ever. #Tanked @AnimalPlanet @FedEx
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Lol hometown business #FedEx got a good product placement on #Tanked lol
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Watching #tanked on @AnimalPlanet ...#icebreakers product placement was kinda lame
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W I L K I N S O N:
Filming for TV show "Tanked" and some Vilkinson product placement
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This product placement with Little Caesar's pizza on Tanked is a crazy! #promosthesedays
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this episode of #tanked has a lot of product placement so far... #petco #dairyqueen #classy
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