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Steven Gartland:
#prizeisland Total Wipeout meets product placement. This is so bad.
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Scottie Crowe:
Product placement island I'd rather have a hundred std's than tune into itv to watch that crap again !!! #argosisland #prizeisland #crap
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Scottie Crowe:
@PrizeIslandTV product placement island what a load of old tosh and that's being kind #thatstimeimnevergettingback
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Bert Bert:
Shameless product placement in prize island too #ITVDontGiveAShit
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Warren Wilson:
Thick layers of cheese & product placement on Prize Island. I'm presuming (hoping) it was made ironically
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Infinite Disgrace:
Anyone seen #PrizeIsland a product placement monstrosity cooked up by @richardOsman of #pointless fame? It really is the gift that...etc
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