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Emmet MacLochlainn:
Product placement less than 30 seconds in. #Helix #Walkman
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Oliver Preston:
Was going to give #helix a chance, but the shameless product placement in the first scene is a massive turnoff
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Paul Morrison:
Just started watching the Helix pilot. First product placement at 60 seconds, although for a change it was Sony, not Ford. #goodmusicthough
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Mark LaCroix:
Watching the @Helix pilot. Less than 1min in and there's already product placement. This show has 41 minutes to win back my trust.
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You made plenty in ads and product placement, you can give me two weeks to watch the first two episodes. #fail #Syfy #Helix
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Sophie Atlantic:
@ralter Yeah, I noticed the product placement as well! Wonder if Canada Goose is the official winter coat provider for the CDC @Helix #sf385
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the start of the Helix pilot has a Sony Walkman mp3 player product placement!
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Matthew Sweeney:
Just watching #Helix - so far some odd product placement 'Sony Walkman, the first choice of every modern Zombie'
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Paul R. Host:
#Helix i see the product placement of the sony tablet, after my Sony tv broke, u should have went with iPads!
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Ashley Robinson:
Watched the first 15 minutes of Helix. Took 90 seconds for the Gods of Product Placement to stick their noses in >_>
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