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Jane McCallion:
Lots of product placement too #Crisis
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@BlackBerry's product placement on @NBCCrisis makes me rethink my BB ... I miss it ... I want it back!
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OK, so new US thriller series Crisis... already on hiatus after 4 episodes filmed... and SO MUCH blackberry product placement!
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Albert Restaino:
#Blackberry Playbook and phones spotted on @NBC #Crisis. LIkely paid product placement. Today #Blackberry lays off 120. #priorities
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Bernard Kelly:
Best part of #Crisis pilot: the sight of Gillian Anderson grasping her Blackberry Playbook. Now that's product placement. Even for a dodo.
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Loving the BlackBerry product placement on #Crisis #BBRules
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Showbiz 411:
@BlackBerry do you know you had product placement in Crisis tonight on NBC? Just FYI. The Playbook! LOL
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So @NBCCrisis seems to have extensive Blackberry product placement. I think I've got the series figured out
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Annette Hunt:
Finally A product placement that makes sense. @Ford &@NeedforSpeed TY for supporting the @NBCCrisis premiere
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Daniel Harris:
I thought the Playbook was discontinued. What's the point of product placement? #crisisonnbc #Crisis
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@1Soulsby watching #crisis on NBC, great #blackberry product placement lol
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