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Kelly Kass:
Loving the product placement-@jcpenney #YoungerTV
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Emily C. Mathae:
Binge watching @YoungerTV and absolutely loving it! The only thing that bothers me most is alllll of the product placement...
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Margaret Lyons:
I had to check the credits to see if EW was paying “Younger” for product placement. Jesus.
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Carpe Diem:
I see you #Voss with that "not" obvious product placement on younger. Sleek.
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Catching up on #YoungerTV and they just had the most obvious product placement
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Ashley Rogers:
Wow, that @OlayUS product placement on @YoungerTV was downright painful.
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the product placement for olay in #YoungerTV was so cringe-worthy I can't even
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Nice product placement last night, #YoungerTV
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Wow, that Olay Regenerist product placement/ad on @YoungerTV wasn't even subtle! @VladaGelman @MattMitovich
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Shaina Ruth:
Nice product placement. Lol #olay #YoungerTV
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Lucas Witherspoon:
Nice Olay Regenerist product placement. #YoungerTV
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Emily Wiggins:
Product placement! #YoungerTV
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Rebecca Alter:
i know all of the bing use on #YoungerTV is product placement but it works as part of the joke
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Watched the pilot and episode 1 @YoungerTV . Is main character's repeated use of @bing scripted cluelessness or just product placement?
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Josh Bell:
The Bing product placement on 'Younger' is a great way to show how the protagonist is culturally out of touch.
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