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lisa hasty:
Thanks #GraceandFrankie for the Chilli's product placement of chocolate molten cake - put Netflix on pause...
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You guys, product placement DOES work... saw @cheezit's on The Vitamix episode of @GraceandFrankie. Started craving them. Went and got them.
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Atri Rungta:
RT @shilpisanghi: Trying to find someone affliated with #GraceandFrankie on #Netflix to understand product placement. Thank you
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Dr. Shilpi Sanghi:
Trying to find someone affliated with #GraceandFrankie on #Netflix to understand product placement. Thank you
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Lady Bedouin:
Thanks @netflix for @GraceandFrankie, though I'm not that old, can relate. What's up with the cigs product placement? That's too old school.
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Emily Grotz:
Of course @amazon has product placement on @netflix #GraceandFrankie
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Christy B:
Holy product placement, Batman. #GraceandFrankie
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c a r l a r o j a s:
Dear @netflix, I love #GraceAndFrankie but what a terrible product placement on S2/11. "Special Moments/Special K... " Really??
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Whoever got @PooPourri product placement as 'clown repellent' in S2E2 of #GraceandFrankie is a genius. (I should thank writer Alexa Junge!)
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Thought Trader Joe's did do advertising but there's totally product placement in Grace and Frankie!!
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Ismael Perez:
#iPhone and #WheatThins so far Product placement on point #GraceandFrankie
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Patti Neumann:
Brilliant product placement @LilyTomlin @Janefonda u both rock! @GraceandFrankie
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Sobriety Collective:
@marykarrlit Saw some sweet product placement for Lit in an episode of @GraceandFrankie! :)
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Según soy Victor.:
Product Placement a todo lo que da por parte de Apple en Grace & Frankie.
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Grace & Frankie on Netflix is so good but there's so much Apple product placement going on
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Emily Rose White:
Other than blatant #Apple product placement, #GraceandFrankie is seriously the best! @NetflixANZ
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Chris Brosnahan:
Grace and Frankie? Should be Grace, Frankie and Apple Product Placement.
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Robert Finch:
Wow, @Spotify product placement on a homeless man's shopping cart in #GraceAndFrankie @netflix
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Martin Costello:
There is SO much Apple product placement in #GraceAndFrankie
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Armen Sarkisian:
Grace and Frankie on Netflix has so much Apple product placement. It’s so obvious.
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Λnthony JV:
There's a lot of product placement for Apple in #GraceAndFrankie. Everyone owns an iPhone and a MacBook, but surprised no apple watch.
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