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John H :
Product placement #Apple #TheLastShip @TheLastShipTNT
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Timothy T Buskard:
Just saw a Timmy's product placement on the #TheLastShip. Way to go @TimHortons. Saving the world.
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Natalia Quique:
@theLASTshipfans @dianeault5 @TimHortons @sgbelverta @mrstevenkane Product placement rocks!
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A little product placement on @TheLastShipTNT tonight @TimHortons
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Diana Boswarva:
@mrstevenkane You need to work some #Suave product placement into #TheLastShip ⚓️
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Derek Dainton:
#thelastship The world is falling apart but Govt cars still highly polished. Product placement by Chevrolet?
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Shevais Shrum:
Just saw some sweet product placement of @YetiCoolers on @TheLastShipTNT
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Mouy Hok Tang:
I love the blatant product placement of the Playstation Dualshock 3 in the tv series The Last Ship. #LOL
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Dan Lamey:
@TimHortons @TimHortonsUS nice use of product placement by Tims on TNT's "The Last Ship" (cans of TH coffee in Guantanamo warehouse scene")
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