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Elizabeth Mötley:
@Converse @yogmoney Fantastic product placement in @GoGrease @FOXTV! #Chucks #GreaseLive
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RT @joshscarcella: This may explain all the weird Corona product placement #GreaseLive
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Joshua Scarcella:
This may explain all the weird Corona product placement #GreaseLive
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Shannon Houghton:
"Coca Cola, please" GUrl, dat product placement! #AnAmericanLessonPlan @kristinleong #GreaseLive
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Elissa Karasik:
Is the Twinkie thing product placement or was that in the original. #GreaseLive
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Joe Schiappa:
Trapper Keeper product placement is insane!!! #GreaseLive
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David Gordon:
Was that product placement for the importance of @NASA and the American space program? #GreaseLive
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Clever product placement. #GreaseLive
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Andrew Weil:
#GreaseLive using its Facebook page to acknowledge the show's product placement is quite meta
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Max Dylan Ash:
What are those nameless colas they're drinking?! I NEED TO KNOW THE BRAND! I NEED PRODUCT PLACEMENT! I NEED TO BE SHEPHERDED! #GreaseLive
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Emily Chen:
how much money does @CocaCola get for that product placement!? @GoGrease #GreaseLive
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Sami Lesniak:
"Yes, I'll have that product placement, please!" #GreaseLive #iseewhatyoudidthere
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did they even have nail-polish remover in 1959? come on now. the cutex product placement is too much. #GreaseLive
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Nicky Morgan:
Very blatant ethnic diversity. It's like product placement #GreaseLive
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Paul Adler:
Fox's live production of "Grease" on Sunday will feature prominent product placement from Coca-Cola. via @Adweek
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Live TV with product placement?! It truly is the 50's all over again! #Grease is still the word! @CocaColaCo
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Jordan Advertising:
Is product placement the key to advertisers success on TV? #FlashbackFriday #TV #GreaseLive
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Gigante Vaz Partners:
There will be @CocaCola product placement aplenty in this Sunday’s #GreaseLive!
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