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Sean Corcoran:
not enough Chevy product placement #TheMuppets
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Jennifer Ansbach:
@CoachFence Did you see last week's episode of the Muppets with the product placement plot line?
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Traci Shepard:
There was so much product placement in the Muppets just in the time it took to get from the kitchen to the living room after it autoplayed.
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Eric Evers:
So @BuffaloTrace is doing product placement on The Muppets? Awesome
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Dez Slade:
"Oooo, what did you use? Your CVS reward points?" It's an insult AND product placement...very clever #TheMuppets Also, I'm stealing that one
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Francis Hollingshead:
The Muppets had no product placement?
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Scott Shutts:
Live blogging #TheMuppets !! Hello Toyota product placement! :)
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Rev. Dude:
@EW @TheMuppetsABC oh and I wonder what #Apple paid for that product placement?...
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Zaeli K:
@RealMissPiggy @TheMuppetsABC is this seriously a product placement? So glad Jim Henson is dead for this.
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HRH SeƱor Bitchigay:
Subway product placement in a muppets movie, really, @TheMuppets?!
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Betsy Klein:
a little product placement but I love @TheMuppets so this is perfect
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Sharon Casey:
OMG the product placement in #themuppets
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