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Rhiannon Williams:
The Windows product placement in Flaked is jarring
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Gustav Vang:
Nice work on the product placement in the @netflix Flaked series, @Windows - Not obvious at all
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Will Arnett's new show Flaked is so good. Most blatant product placement I've ever seen, but a great show none the less
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Keegan Bradac:
Microsoft product placement much in Flaked?
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Becky McBeckface:
@Kotaku but is it worse than the Microsoft product placement in Netflix Original show Flaked?
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Young Rich Famous:
Awesome product placement by Microsoft on @WillArnctt 's show Flaked. Great show, awesome humor. Netflixing it up
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Lucy Atkinson:
I am absolutely loving Flaked, but god damn there's some heavy product placement in this episode.
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Horrible product placement in @Flaked Not believable that anyone in Venice would be caught dead with a Windows Phone.
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UGH EFF this product placement @Flaked I'm ouuuuuuut
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Andrew Green:
@arnettwill Really enjoyed #Flaked but man, there's a lot of Microsoft product placement in there. S2:E1 Chip learns about Bing?
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El product placement de Microsoft en Flaked está tan forzado que entiendo que no quieran ni jugar a la Xbox.
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I question how much product placement there is in #Flaked seems like something @netflix might want to be a bit transparent about
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El Güido:
I am really enjoying @flaked, it's so L.A! It even has very "subtle" @Microsoft product placement.
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Rashmi Kalu:
My one tweet review of @Netflix's new series #Flaked: An 8 episode product placement for biking and kombucha.
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