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This Shadowhunters episode is like some weird fanfiction with through the looking glass product placement
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Shilo Adams:
Aside from the ridiculous product placement, this alternate dimension storyline on #Shadowhunters is great. Perfect balance of silly and sad
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Laney Serface Baloun:
@ShadowhuntersTV the entire episode being product placement this week was not cute, guys.
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Michael Thomas:
This episode of Shadowhunters is the definition of product placement
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∞ Leïla Salvatore ∞:
L'épisode de #Shadowhunters est juste un énorme product placement de Disney pour promouvoir Alice aux Pays des Merveilles 2....
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Lily Miranda:
But why do they feel the need to promote an upcoming Disney movie in this show? Product placement much? #Shadowhunters
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SK Powell:
Nice #GuildWars and #GuildWars2 product placement #ShadowhuntersChat
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