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Dominic Grzbielok:
Bosch S02E08, oder wie ich sage: die Folge, für die das Budget mit Product Placement verdient wurde.
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@RAZ0RFIST inb4 bosch washing machines,juicers,dish washers product placement
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I think my fave product placement of 2k16 might be Fat Tire in Bosch
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Thomas Johnstone:
@mattsinger Creative product placement...murder via cordless drill, then main char is suspect: "Dammit, your NAME'S on the weapon, Bosch!!"
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Best product placement for season 3 of @BoschAmazon staring @welliver_titus would be @harrys razors. This razors are amazing
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I'm way more into that TVC for "Bosch" than any of the product placement ads. Uuuggghh #sbstdf #LiftYourGameAdvertisers
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Herr Sohn:
Die Serie #Bosch ist ganz schön voll mit product placement ... Ein bissl nervts :(
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❤ jana:
RT @danjmcdowell: Product placement is a necessary evil, yet I will always applaud a TV show for using a real brand of beer. (See: @BoschAm…
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Dan McDowell:
Product placement is a necessary evil, yet I will always applaud a TV show for using a real brand of beer. (See: @BoschAmazon, @newbelgium)
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James B:
Thought Amazon’s Bosch was great. LA looks a dream, and Titus Welliver sounds like Garfield. Also points for Art Pepper product placement.
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Got hooked on 'Bosch' on Amazon Instant Video (they need a snappier name). Good storyline so far. No major product placement of power tools
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Furt já...:
@stary_mrzout @zevloun Moje drahá dokonce plastové kelimky určené do separovaného odpadu prožene nejdříve myčkou. Product placement:BOSCH
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Jessica (Connie) :
Cheeky bit of product placement on @SundayBrunchC4 this morning. . . Bosch electric whisk with a crafty zoom in on the brand name.
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Amelia Rhea:
Playtime... Sponsored by Bosch (perfect product placement).
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Anton Martin:
A lot of Bosch product placement on #SundayBrunch today
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Yolo Swaggins:
I'm going to make my first million by bringing product placement in to porn, Taco Bell and Bosch power tools are my first big clients.
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Rockstar Breaks:
@laurenlaverne @heawood @SarahMillican75 @alexa_chung Product placement? #Bosch
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Jimi ??:
the first historical example of product placement is hieronymous bosch's triptych "the garden of turkish delights"
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NO! There is no product placement in #betterhomesandgarden #bosch
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Fact 6: We have yet to receive any payment from Bosch for the product placement.
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Product placement de Bosch
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