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Samantha McIntosh:
I know Jane the Virgin has gotta make money, but the @Target product placement is ridonk #insane #unreal
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Tiff Ng:
The amazing product placement of a Samsung Galaxy being placed in a jug of water on #UnREALtv and yet, still working #marketing
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Fiji water product placement is too much in #unReal
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Kristen Massaro:
I know ya need sponsors but the product placement on #UnREALtv was a little much ...Quinn would NEVER drink pre-mixed Cuervo margaritas
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Media Is Plural:
The product placement in this week's #UnREALtv is so beyond it looks like #WaynesWorld
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liza kardashian west:
how did jose cuervo get that bullshit malt liquor margarita bullshit product placement. quinn & rachel would NEVER drink that #UnREALtv
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Tyler Wisler:
Ugh! Could that product placement shot be more obvious?! #UnREALtv #JoseCuervo
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Product placement for Mr. Jose Cuervo #UnREALtv
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Rachel B:
Product placement, much? #UnREALtv
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Bernard Daraz:
the samsung product placement on #UnREALtv has really been straddling a line, and it's only 7 minutes in...
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Valentina Herrera:
Great product placement A+ #UnREALtv
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Ashia Sims:
I just saw the best product placement of the water resistant #SamsungGalaxyS7 on #UnREALtv!
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El Simple Cárdenas:
El medio product placement que le hizo #UnREAL al nuevo celular de Samsung. En realidad, esa marca está por todas partes en la serie
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LMAO, product placement for Galaxy 7, I see #Unreal
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Mohammad Al-Lefan:
That water proof phone product placement is smoov #UnREAL
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Nice product placement #Samsung #unreal
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sassy bitch:
Oh how much I love product placement lol #UnREALtv
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Jalen F. Chapman:
That's great product placement for that phone #UnREALtv
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Lauren Wannermeyer:
Omg at this product placement. Almost as good as those Lil Wayne ads. #UnREALtv
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Kel Kendrick:
I love Fuji water so I also adore the sly product placement in a show within the show thing going on with #UnReal
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Alice Walker:
There is no better product placement integration than Excedrin and #UnREALtv
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UNREAL product placement... RT @MINIUK: If anyone wants to know how the discus gets in my boot, here's your answer -
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