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Yael McCue:
There is an embarrassing amount of product placement in the latest episode of #CasualOnHulu.
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Steven Lerner:
Hey @CasualOnHulu: How much did @Chilis pay you for that ridiculous product placement?
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tyler rogers:
Continuity errors noticed solely because of over-the-top product placement #Casual
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Freaky! Outie!:
This week's episode of Casual seems to have an entire season's worth of product placement. Holy crap is it distracting.
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King Beverage:
Nice product placement in @CasualOnHulu @GooseIsland #IPA
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Dana Strokovsky:
Not only product placement, but swag #FTW. Love the shirt you wore in @CasualOnHulu, @taralynnebarr! שתו קוקה-קולה
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