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Noticed a sweet @Apple iWatch on Beth's wrist in #ThisIsUs tonight -- subtle & strategic product placement
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Patrick Neville:
Emotional high point of the season? Definitely time for product placement. #ThisIsUs #Mercedes
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Kit Mit:
Really? Please tell me this is just Ill-conceived product placement by 3M. #thisisus #pilot
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Courtney McKinney:
Chevy's product placement on #ThisIsUs is next level.
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The @chevrolet product placement in "This is Us" is sooo obvious lmao
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Paul Fedory:
I'm finding the product placement on "This Is Us" a little distracting! e.g.: "How come my car doesn't have WIFI in it?"
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Mike Bell:
Product placement win: Blanton's "The Original Single Barrel" Bourbon on This Is Us.
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I saw the product placement by Apple from the get go but when I saw dude's wife wearing an Apple Watch Hermès I knew what was up. #ThisIsUs
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blatant gold #iPhone product placement! #ThisIsUs
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Samantha Bergold:
The product placement of the terrible towel on @MiloVentimiglia in #ThisIsUs was a genius marketing move.
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RT @ChiLAW86: Thnx @MiloVentimiglia! Thx @Dan_Fogelman - excellent "product placement" in This Is Us trailer! @steelers #SNUProud https://t…
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Lisa Weaver:
Thnx @MiloVentimiglia! Thx @Dan_Fogelman - excellent "product placement" in This Is Us trailer! @steelers #SNUProud
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