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Rod Lidl:
Young Pope, get out of my mind / Your Coca-Cola product placement is way out of line
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Nicola J. Calabrò:
A #confrontoskytg24 c piazzano spezzone di"Young Pope",serie guarda caso prodotta da Sky.Product placement?Senza titoli in sovraimpressione?
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Luca Barra:
Sky che piazza il suo product placement di #TheYoungPope in mezzo a #confrontoskytg24, mah
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@SarahLister @thisismydesignn My bro got obsessed w/that soda bc of Young Pope. Product placement works, yo!
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"It's death to settle for things in life". That's why this young pope is all about product placement. — watching The Young Pope
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Brian Hayes:
RT @Crooooow: Didn’t expect a Cherry Coke Zero product placement in the first five minutes of #youngpope
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European Ty Burrell, you belong to Young Pope. Fetch him his product placement.
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Spooky Ghost Baby :
Didn’t expect a Cherry Coke Zero product placement in the first five minutes of #youngpope
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Tatiana Lozano:
Speaking of last week's episode of #TheYoungPope...product placement much?
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Maybe Cardinal Voiello's mole is just clever product placement for Multigrain Dark Chocolate Cheerios #TheYoungPope
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Samantha Humphrey:
How much did #CherryCokeZero pay for this product placement in #TheYoungPope?!
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Katie Mc:
Starting #YoungPope, and it's so far it's WTF with unexpected product placement for #CherryCokeZero, count me in
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I'm saying Cherry Coke Zero is brilliant product placement in "The Young Pope" new on HBO. #theyoungpope
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the most fascinating part of the young pope is their product placement choices
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Black Buddha:
yo wtf is this?? 15min into #TheYoungPope and this nigga is whilin out about gettin his diet cherry-coke zero. what kinda product placement
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Daniel Walters:
The way the #TheYoungPope approaches product placement is refreshing, though not as refreshing as #CherryCokeZero. #MakeTheVaticanRadAgain
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Cristian Ramirez:
Solid #CherryCokeZero product placement in #SexPope 2 name drops early on, and will not accept #DietCoke. #TheYoungPope
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Good product placement for Cherry Coke Zero though. # YoungPope
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Brian Barone:
solid Cherry Coke Zero product placement in the Young Pope
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Mark Towhey:
"All I have in the morning is a Cherry Coke Zero." - The Young Pope. God does product placement.
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Great CHERRY COKE ZERO product placement on #TheYoungPope @HBO
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Stephen Okey:
Product placement! #TheYoungPope
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Sheihk Shaq:
The Young Pope looks good but maybe a little heavy on the product placement
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Sam Mauro:
FYC, best product placement: cherry coke zero, THE YOUNG POPE
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Anna Maria Simonini:
Giusto un attimo di product placement #TheYoungPope
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anna pala:
RT @Bluemax56: #chetempochefa #theyoungpope Ma Cardinal Voiello è product placement?
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Massimo Davico:
#chetempochefa #theyoungpope Ma Cardinal Voiello è product placement?
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