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M. B.:
Brothers are about to give Best Buy maddd business. Product placement, literally. #insecureHBO
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Adelin Gasana:
Product placement by @BestBuy was the best symbolic gesture Lawrence left Issa. We don't know what we have 'til it's gone. #InsecureHBO
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Look at @Luvvie 's t shirt and brand/product placement YESSS #InsecureHBO
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Jennie Goosby:
I need #InsecureHBO to do some product placement w/ whatever has @IssaRae's skin so smooth and even. I neeeeed.
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joe eXclusive:
Star of "Insecure"Jay Ellis in @inspiredknots bowtie PRODUCT PLACEMENT BY MY COMPANY…
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Love that @chrissyteigen's cookbook was a product placement in @IssaRae's insecure. #cravings
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That might be the best product placement mention of all time for you there, @blueapron. #InsecureHBO
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Quad's Wig:
Issa Rae's #Insecure product placement is dope
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RT @Royivia: Y'all, #InsecureHBO is so good, we almost didn't realize that the dating apps scene is genius product placement. Shout out to…
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