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I have to mention the elephant in the room y'all know I'm talking about that hilarious #OliveGarden breadsticks product placement in #TheOA
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#TheOA is great at product placement good job guys a+
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Dave Raftery:
The OA wins the prize for weirdest Verizon product placement.
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Taylor Brown:
Netflix's the OA went from Costco product placement to interpretive dance in just 8 episodes. Not a great show.
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Former Ms. Perez:
Commercials on streamed shows looks like major product placement. For Example: The OA- Costco scene where there...
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Finishing up The OA, and there was some prominent Amazon product placement. Seems interesting in a Netflix Original series.
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Leather Paresi:
Chissà quanto è costato ad Amazon fare dell’imbarazzantissimo product placement nella season finale di #theoa.
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Brands are used so naturally in The OA that I can't tell if it's product placement
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Stars Hollow PPFA:
one of the most egregious moments of product placement i've seen in 2016 has got to be snapchat in the oa
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I wonder how much Apple paid for their product placement in The OA
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Weirdest Olive Garden product placement ever. #TheOAonNetFlix #theOA
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Morgan Sacco:
Wow, The OA On the flix of the net. Lots of Costco product placement. ❤️
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Marsha Courneya:
I wonder whether Nature also paid for all of the product placement it got in #TheOA
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Arnaldo Greco:
The OA è il miglior product placement del Tai Chi che abbia mai visto
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Jaime Sanchez:
So much product placement in #TheOA. Lmao
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Ben Barry:
Binged The OA in 40 hrs, I'm not sold on it. But product placement of Costco, @Applebees , Olive Garden &Verizon was as if show was for me.
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dark google:
how much did the oa get paid for the Costco product placement
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Not enough Costco product placement in The OA!!!!!!!!
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Federico Kukso:
Best product placement ever @mental_floss #TheOA
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Christina M:
Episode 8 of #TheOA should be called "Product Placement"
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Alisa Tongg:
Amazon, Applebee's, Disney and the Container Store all in 60s? @The_OA gives up trying to integrate its product placement zero Fs #TheOA
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Michael Kaplan:
#theoa is amazing, but what's with the @Costco product placement?
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andrea hope:
Absolutely loving the Costco product placement on The OA lmao
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Jeff Gipson:
The @littlecaesars product placement in @The_OA is the weirdest part of the whole thing. #OA #TheOA
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Andrew Wardell:
Spotted some of that @RHA product placement in #TheOA
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Drew Birling:
So much product placement. #TheOA
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