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Christopher Pedraza:
The product-placement in @Detroiters is the absolute best.
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April Rose S:
Watching "The Detroiter" and it feels like it's trying too hard. Especially with all the Detroit product placement.
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Watching #Detroiters and the local product placement and Hockey Town fans are a riot! Pop, yep.
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Nick Breckon:
I can't tell if I really like Detroiters or if I just like its local Detroit product placement. Better Made! Stroh's! Bad TV commercials!
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@Detroiters is a 30 minute product placement for @BetterMade chips. Zero complaints on my end
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detroiters is like product placement for the entire city but i don't think you could really tell if you've never been to detroit
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#Detroiters was dumb and seemed like all product placement. Rainbow Dark Better Made Potato Chips are so good though
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