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There's SOOOOO much product placement on Asia's Next Top Model, I can't.
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chrysanthemum tran:
this product placement for universal studios on antm is so extra and unnecessary but it still made me wanna go
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isa :
the product placement on antm is so funny
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Dan Andlop:
Watching ANTM C21 and did they forget that product placement is suppose to be seamless, not in your face... so cringe
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eilsel :
i live for the obvious ass product placement on antm
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Chang Casal:
Just lol-ing at all this blatant product placement in Asia's Next Top Model weow
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There's too much drama in Asia's Next Top Model. And bad product placement. Like it's so obvious.
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Ernie Xavier:
whoaaaa.. this #AsiasNextTopModel2 is product placement series! wah laoooo!
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Massive product placement in Asia's next top model. Hahah
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