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Lon Koenig:
... and a brilliant little product placement in @netflix The Tick. Well, done, @amazon :)
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Elliot Volkman:
@TheTickTV Oh man, the product placement in this is both terrible and amazing haha.
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Finished #TheTick Can't wait for season 2! BTW, nice product placement there, Amazon.
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Rick Ekle:
Ok finished the first 6 episodes of The Tick. They even managed to slip in an Alexa product placement in the last episode. Sheesh.
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Ari Ne'eman:
This is the best possible product placement. #TheTick
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Gary Griffin:
Loving @TheTickTV on Amazon Prime. TERROR: "Alexa play ominous music". OK it's product placement but damn funny.
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Daniel Pool:
The product placement in the Tick makes the series all worth it.
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Good Depression:
so the tick is surprisingly good. the most interesting part about it is that it uses product placement as jokes and it works
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Husky Husky Hippo:
Nice product placement in that last episode of #TheTick Amazon or as #MissLint would probably say "dick move" (but…
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Well played @amazon. BEST PRODUCT PLACEMENT EVER!!! #TheTick
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I can't believe how badly Amazon screwed up the product placement for the echo in the tick! XD
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