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Juan Cruz Bacaro T.:
Notorio product-placement en #Netflix. Episodio 4 de "Mindhunter".
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Bill David:
Mindhunter on @netflix is an amazing show. Throw in all the great @SchlitzBrewing product placement and it becomes the greatest show ever!
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Chris Neumann:
I'm three episodes in and I'm SURE ADT must be loving their product placement in "Mindhunter"
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Seb Watts:
I think this product placement in Mindhunter is probably the most subtle I have ever seen in any piece of media eveā€¦
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The Chosen One:
I hate product placement sooo much. #Mindhunter #Pepsi
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Jem Lang:
The not so subtle @Pepsi product placement in #Mindhunter on @netflix is so distracting, takes away from a really good scene.
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Col Cooper:
That product placement though @pepsi @MINDHUNTER_ @NetflixUK
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