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Grand Tour Tweets:
RT: Wow, #TheGrandTour had *so much* product placement this episode,... Watch Now:
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Chris Payne:
@istrakhov @thegrandtour @JetBlue @JeremyClarkson Considering @JetBlue doesn’t even have business class on that rou…
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The Grand Tour has been good so far this season but the product placement and celebrity races have been sub par. Brian Wilson????
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Some great product placement by @hardwear on @JeremyClarkson / @thegrandtour? Or just plain luck?
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Yael @ Nosherium:
Best part of @thegrandtour - @JeremyClarkson saying "drift button". Worst part - weird sexism, homophobia, and poor product placement
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George Benjamin:
@thegrandtour clothing range launched this week.. Thankfully no product placement was allowed !!
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Skinny Steve:
RT @nedge2k: This week on The Grand Tour, more product placement by Ford.
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Alex Haws:
This week on The Grand Tour, more product placement by Ford.
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adam schoαles :
On this week’s episode of The Grand Tour @JeremyClarkson’s phone dings with an iPhone sound but he pulls out a Samsung. Product placement?
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Obvious Samsung product placement on the grand tour.
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David Vaughan:
@sandysh0res @thegrandtour I noticed that - mix up with the product placement
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Fraser Connell:
@JeremyClarkson i'm curious, is the product placement in @thegrandtour just the cars? or is there more? :)
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Matt Lee:
Brilliant bit of product placement for @Fortnums on the Grand Tour
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A Little Crazy Talk:
Jeremy Clarkson driving a Mustang in the #GrandTour intro. Good to know they have product placement funding.
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Eamonn Griffin:
#TheGrandTour - TV version of a reformed supergroup stadium tour. Greatest hits, w/ bigger budget. Duff jokes & product placement tho.
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Cheryl Christine:
They would all be in 'Stangs, #Ford product placement game so strong #TheGrandTour
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@thegrandtour @CanadaGooseInc nice product placement ad. Didn't need to do that on the #BBC
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Bradley Harris ✈️:
@thegrandtour Blatant product placement.
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Harry Evans:
@JeremyClarkson am I right in assuming that The Grand Tour has secured a product placement deal with @ray_ban??
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