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Google isn't helping me prove that Dawson's Creek was clearly once sponsored by the softer side of Sears WITH product placement.
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World of Wanderlust:
The product placement on Dawson's Creek is truly hilarious
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Leah Robichaud:
So much product placement in Dawson's Creek. Who really drinks that much diet coke?!
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ghetto cowboy:
I can't with the product placement on Dawson's Creek
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Alisa Lokshin:
Following along with @DominiqueFricot's live-tweeting of Dawson's Creek. Just spotted some Chapstick product placement. #DawsonsCreek #ep2
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You're not gonna make me critical of product placement when your example is clips of Dawson's Creek, I'm too distracted enjoying the show.
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KT ✌:
Dawson's Creek was a giant product placement opportunity for Diet Coke though...!
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love that dawson's creek pregnancy test product placement
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lol at the product placement of a can of water in this dawson's creek episode i'm watching. that really caught on big
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So much product placement of Diet Coke in season 2 of Dawson's Creek.
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@touristslookup we agree. They have their market on lock, started with the Dawsons Creek days. Great product placement
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I wonder why there was an entire KMart product placement ep. of Dawson's know, as opposed to being in ColdwaterCreek. #commonsense
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Product placement was well and alive in the 90's. #dawsonscreeklessons
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also, remember how much product placement there was in Dawson's Creek? Like Dawson got a new car/computer every episode.
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Dawson's Creek had a ton of product placement. They held the camera on that K-Mart logo longer than "Savannah" aired on The WB.
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Gotta love the product placement in Dawson's Creek #chapstick
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The amount of subtle but noticeable Diet Coke product placement in #DawsonsCreek is the way advertisers need to be.
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Product placement! #dawsonscreek
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“@Suejustbooks: So funny! @RonCharles, Sh*t Book Reviewers Say.” - Awesome Dawson's Creek product placement!
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i'm noticing a lot of diet pepsi product placement in dawson's creek.
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