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Fred Katz:
@rawan @ABaptist27 Sour Patch Kids spent so much money on product placement during episodes of Kyle XY.
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Colton XY:
Kyle xy has sour patch kids product placement in like every single episode
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Shannon Elliott:
#KyleXY made me constantly want sour patch kids and #Roswell makes me constantly want snapple. Product placement is balls.
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@WitchofmyWilds Omg I just always think of the show Kyle XY because the product placement of that was so blatant kjdbvksdbvbr
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I swear every episode they HAVE to throw in sour patch kids **product placement #kylexy
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Every single person in kyle xy is wearing seven jeans..product placement noted.
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I have been watching kyle xy and the product placement works. All I want is sour patch kids. #doh
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will admit that he loves Sour Patch Kids candies sololy because of their product placement in the Kyle XY tv series. Thanks, @washburngirl!
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Excelente el product placement de Apple en la serie XY.
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"These Sour Patch Kids are my punishment!" That is one of my favorite lines in Kyle XY. Such flagrant product placement.
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