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Danny Fairbairn:
@CornerGas I started watching the tv series when I visited Canada in 2008 & loved it! The movie was also fan funded so no product placement.
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The Cozy Dark:
@infinite_ammo do you think we can get some NITW product placement on corner gas
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Neil Keohane:
I missed the shameless product placement in the show episodes. This movie is awesome @CornerGas
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@BrentButt I have been watching Corner Gas all day, did you guys have a lot of Canadian product placement on purpose? #FreakinCoolIfSo :)
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@BrentButt You must have had eaten a lot of Old Dutch will filming Corner Gas. They got their product placement value out of your show.
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Ever notice just how much product placement goes on in an episode of Corner Gas? Cause it was a LOT
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.@gsmith The 5 types of cheese quote is from an episode of Corner Gas. Turns out that scene was a product placement
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