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Can they do any more product placement? Cripes, it's worse than The Fantasy Factory. — watching Inside West Coast Customs
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everyone on fantasy factory wear their own brand like the product placement is so obvious
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Matt Mehrkens:
@SUBWAY, solid product placement on Fantasy Factory tonight. @robdyrdek is a great spokesman...of course, with @BigBlack as the sidekick.
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Commander Cupcake:
@potfart Fantasy Factory is just a show about product placement.... And insanity. But mostly product placement.
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julia krysten.:
The only thing I hate about fantasy factory is that there's so much product placement it's ridiculous.
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Jacob Borja:
Next time on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory: C, B list product placement. And anything to delude the fact that he's almost 40.
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Kyle Firestine:
Fantasy Factory is juts one big product placement
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Marz Saffore:
The amount of Monster product placement in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory is ridiculous. But #ItsFineByMe #IDrankAMonsterEarlier #MonsterOrDie
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@robdyrdek is a marketing genius. Product placement in every fantasy factory episode. #moneymachine
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There is nothing subtle about the product placement on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factor.
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Fantasy factory has to be the funniest half hour commercial I've ever seen. Defines product placement. #dcshoes #ynr #bigblack #dyrdek
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Could there be any more product placement on Fantasy Factory? DC, YNR, BB...
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I hate watching fantasy factory because of the over use of product placement
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Man, Fantasy Factory sold out quicker than the iPad. Abusive product placement is like Wayne's World 2, sans the comedy. #MTVFail
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I can hardly watch #FantasyFactory anymore, all it is is 30 minutes of product placement nowadays. #sellout cc: @mtv
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I want a burrito. Fucking Fantasy Factory and it's product placement.
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So much product placement on Fantasy Factory
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There's so much product placement on the Fantasy Factory, it's ridiculous.. lol we all know who's paying for that show.
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Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory is the biggest product placement show on television.
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How would you use ISX - Would be fun to rate dunks during NBA games or fights in NHL...good product placement tonight on Fantasy Factory
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