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Thunderbirds (2004)

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Russ Wood:
I forgot just how shameless the product-placement of Ford vehicles is in this film. #Thunderbirds
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"British Telecommunications Ltd Television Relay Tower" Holy Product Placement.... :P #Thunderbirds #DidItEvenExistAsBTInThe60s?
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Live action Thunderbirds movie really IS #pants & the amount of Ford product placement is outrageous.. #notFAB
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Loving the not so subtle product placement of ford in this film. #thunderbirds
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The 2004 version of #thunderbirds is on ITV and I forgot how awful this is. The product placement is horrific.
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I thought Thunderbirds was going to be a satisfying cynical pastiche, instead it was a lame cartoonic product placement. Now to be atoned.
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