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Surrogates (2009)

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@NatalieVenuto just saw product placement for HP in the movie Surrogates. Immediately thought of you lol.
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Watching Suragates on netflix just caught a product placement of an @HP_PC logo on a 23" flat panel monitor :)
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Surrogates was horrible. But on the bright side it had an awesome cameo of a PNY USB memory stick. Go product placement!!
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wow another product placement of #cisco in surrogates this time :) cisco is really pushing it or I havent watched movies in a while :)
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Rather amused by the amount of product placement in Surrogates
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Double bill @ the kinema today, Surrogates & Pandorum. Both good but 1st was 2 heavy with the product placement & 2nd had 2 many jump cuts
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Watching "Surrogates" right now and try to recognize product placement
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Saw Surrogates last night. Not a bad movie. Horrible product placement. HP, Dell, Sprint, Audi, Gorrilla Grips...
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