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Precious (2009)

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Kevin Bechaz:
Hmm...I'm noticing a bit of Sunkist product placement in PRECIOUS.
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Sunkist paid for paid for product placement in Precious..
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Watched 'Precious' today. Very good film but some seriously annoying product placement in the way of soda.
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The not so subtle product placement in #Precious #Sunkist
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#PRECIOUS Autodeterminazione bevendo SUNKIST Product Placement
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Weirdest part of "Precious:" the Sunkist paid product placement. Now, when I think of rape and incest, I'll crave a delicious orange soda.
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The Sunkist product placement in Precious is really weird. Like...does that HELP sales?
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Just saw #Precious last night. Wonder how much Sunkist paid for the product placement rights.
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Just saw "Precious." Although the blatant Sunkist product placement in it annoyed me, it's still a pretty great movie.
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Am I nuts, or was there product placement for Sunkist in Precious?? Bizarre choice.
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there's a lot of weird product placement with sunkist in the movie precious. i like the movie tho
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Every time i see a Sunkist soda, im gonna think of the movie Precious. They were on point with their product placement.
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