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Romancing the Stone (1984)

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Ros Clarke:
Nice product placement for Avon in opening scenes of Romancing the Stone.
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Becky Mumby-Croft:
The award for most obvious product placement in a film has to go to the American Express convo in Romancing the Stone. So blatant.
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My favorite product placement of all time is American Express travelers checks in the movie Romancing The Stone.
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@oyejuan @Lolofelipe Pues tiene product placement en 'Tras el corazón verde', para los andaluces. ;)
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Watching Romancing The Stone. Seems like American Express scored possibly the first product placement ever in this movie.
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Watching "Romancing the Stone" on BluRay. The product placement in this movie is even more evident in HD. #overkill
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