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The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

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David Simon:
Bourne Ultimatum - product placement - VW Touareg
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Christopher Davis:
Has there ever been a more random product placement than the VW Touareg in The Bourne ultimatum?
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The product placement of the Guardian in the Bourne Ultimatum was softening us up to except to Snowden revelations. #BlackHelicopters
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Alex Stevens:
So much product placement in the Bourne Ultimatum...
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次の @YouTube 再生リストに動画を追加しました: Bourne Ultimatum - product placement - VW
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The Bourne Ultimatum. Not sure if product placement or just stupid.
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@xxglamourpussxx @LilyMcGrath9 I'll stick to the watching the product placement on The Bourne Ultimatum thanks!
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Weirdest product placement I've seen in awhile has to be Norton anti-virus software in Bourne Ultimatum.
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Bourne Ultimatum has a really strange bit of product placement for Norton. Awesome movie though. #USA #commercialssuck
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Just noticed Norton AV product placement in Bourne Ultimatum. Ironically it was on a linux system. #geek
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Haven't seen blatant Neurofen product placement yet. Perhaps they missed a trick. Or it's subliminally edited between cuts. #bourneultimatum
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Bourne Series = EXCELLENT. The Ultimatum having adverts every 20 mins is SURREAL! Why do ITV only show films with BLATANT product placement?
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Wow, did they really Put norton 2006 in The Bourne Ultimatum? Worst product placement ever. The FBI doesn't use norton to scan files, lol
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