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The A-Team (2010)

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andy ray gun :
Due to product placement on the A-Team I must immediately now go to the fridge. #nicecoolbud
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@amaditalks Heh. I caught part of that A-Team movie and it had clunky-ass Budweiser product placement. They practically winked with a can.
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@60OSE @Jeep A-Team was great product placement for Jeep.
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@FoxCarReport Watch for that crucial Carbon product placement in the A-Team sequel.
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In your face product placement! Explosions! Soldiers saluting in slow-mo! Contrived plot twists and character development! A-Team montages!
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The A-Team movie has the most gratuitous product placement of Mercedes I've ever seen. Every car is a Mercedes.
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Relaxing Sunday at home, watching The A-Team, one of the Mercedes-Benz product placement.
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A-Team the movie has so much product placement going on, I feel like I earned 100K frequent buyer miles just watching it
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A-Team | Product placement via @brandin_movie
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Omg, awful product placement in Conviction. An advert for A-Team the movie in cinemas July 28 on a bus shelter. C'mon...
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Been to see A Team. Nice. Lots of product placement. Feel like drinking a Bud and buying a Merc.
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also, A-Team movie - i didn't notice ANY product placement!
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Just saw The A-team. I liked it, product placement notwithstanding. Budweiser was the official beer.
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Just saw A-Team,BA rode a Buell #motorcycle in the movie.Weird product placement,no more buells! Altough they kept the Buell in the shadows.
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