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Get Him to the Greek (2010)

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Ellie Potter:
Enjoying @PRGLive's product placement in 'Get him to the Greek' #goodfilm
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'Get Him to the Greek' was surprisingly funny, despite all of the product placement.
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Almost finished watching 'Get Him to the Greek', great flick... don't really see the purpose of product placement of Nokia N95 there though.
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Loving all of the @sierranevada product placement in "Get Him to the Greek"
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Sooooo, @iamdiddy...what's up w/ all this Kettle 1 product placement in #GetMeToTheGreek??? Where's the #Ciroc??
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Saw 'Get him to the Greek' last night... unbelievably funny! Wondering about Accenture's product placement though - it isn't their audience!
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