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Due Date (2010)

Real Brands
Waffle House
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Peter: If you are allergic to waffles don't eat waffles.
Ethan: Then don't take me to a Waffle House.
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So pt&a was definitely way better than Due Date. Wasn't too impressed by them ending the movie with product placement after it was already
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I'm not liking Due Date. It's not very funny and there's so much product placement that it's obnoxious.
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Did anyone notice the Supershuttle vans in the beginning of Due Date? I wonder if Supershuttle paid the producer for product placement.
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The Due Date has wayyy too much brand integration & product placement!
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Due Date playing on plane. has anyone counted product placement in that flick? watching the roughcut was like crashing through a wallmart
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#movieofthenight Due Date. I've seen less product placement in a mentos commercial. C
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(Product placement) an apple macbook the wife on the bed playing with it...#due date
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Man, "Due Date" has a ton of product placement. You guys sure Michael Bay didn't direct this?
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'Due Date' Product Placement: Subaru's Sense Of Humor (via brandchannel) (via @brandchannelhub)
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check out the product placement in #duedate --
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Heading to the Movies this weekend? One of Falls Biggest Hits finds a witty way to showcase the Impreza! Nice work...
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Due Date drives a Subaru Impreza: But the most prominent product placement was from Subaru with its Impreza. The...
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Product Placement Open Thread: Due Date, Megamind, 127 Hours, and Sean Penn's Beverage of Choice: Welcome to Br...
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