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A Christmas Story (1983)

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Stacey Sayer:
Ovaltine gets all the best product placement in movies. #AChristmasStory #YoungFrankenstein #TCMParty
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Charlie Fletcher:
@rebeccawatson Maybe the best product placement since Ralphie decoded "Drink your Ovaltine", but it is a show about ads so we asked for it!
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Dan Shaw:
Nice product placement in 'A Christmas Story', @OxydolDetergent
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@mattisbear it's product placement. No love for the 'a Christmas story 'reference?
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Has there ever been a better product placement than Ovaltine in A Christmas Story?
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Interesting shot I spotted from A Christmas Story...product placement sort of. #RVA Drink that Ovaltine!
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Turns out theres a lot of product placement in a christmas story. btw Merry christmas to all.
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#RedRyder BB guns officially have the most memorial product placement ever! #achristmasstory
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I requested Ovaltine after seeing #achristmasstory as a kid. Tasted like disappointment. Effective product placement, though.
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@ebertchicago Armond White's latest review headline: 'A Christmas Story' lacks consumerist tact; suffers due to Red Ryder product placement
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