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The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

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Jesus Shuttlesworth:
The first time I knew about Ducati Bikes was after watching The Matrix: Reloaded. I guess thats the power of product placement.
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Chief Oddball:
And yeah, you know I'm a car guy when I see a superhero film & keep talking about the wheels. The most GM product placement since Matrix 2!
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Robert Ballecer, SJ:
@Cranky_Hippo @Tim_Stevens The fact that I know about Ducati is a testament to the power of product placement. #MatrixReloaded
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Watching matrix reloaded....forgot how much that damn jacket neo wears and all the product placement bugs me #cadillac #ducati #smh
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#marketerosnocturnos ¿product placement es el rediseño del cadillac sts que promocionaron en MATRIX 2 Recargado o el Camaro en Transformers?
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Talk about being consistent with a brand. Laurence Fishburne voicing that Cadillac ad. Product placement in Matrix Reloaded. Brilliant.
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Wow, not only did I miss the product placement in The Matrix Reloaded, I missed the Dave Matthews! A travesty... I beg forgiveness Dave...
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